PRE-HOLIDAY SAVINGS-Autumn Wrinkle Rescue Treatments-Botox and Juvederm

AWESOME AUTUMN WRINKLE RESCUE LOOK and FEEL more RELAXED for the upcoming HOLIDAY SEASON!  Perhaps your HOLIDAY PREPARATIONS SHOULD START with SAVINGS FOR YOU.  WRINKLE RESCUE TREATMENTS: BOTOX® for RELAXING facial muscles that are causing dynamic wrinkles such as frown and forehead … Continue reading →

20% OFF SPIDER VEIN and VASCULAR TREATMENTS-Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein Treatments

Want the Freedom to Show Your Legs? LIMITED TIME OFFER: September – October 20% OFF SPIDER VEIN and VASCULAR TREATMENTS Treatment Options*: Sclerotherapy and/or Laser Treatment *Note: A particular treatment may be recommended, depending upon the type of vascular lesion … Continue reading →