Our Fotona Nd:Yag 1064nm laser targets blood and can treat various vascular lesions. The laser energy heats and destroys the blood cells and then the blood vessel wall. This then triggers the body to go in and clean up the damage as it would clean up a bruise.

Sclerotherapy (with polidocanol or Asclera) also is available for spider vein treatment. It consists of injecting “sclerosing” chemicals or drugs in the spider veins to result in clotting of the blood in the vessel and irritation of the inner lining of the blood vessel to ultimately cause permanent closure of the vessel.

Multiple treatments (and future treatments) may be required depending on the size of the vessels, your own genetics, medications you might be on, and your adherence to the post-procedure instructions. Larger, varicose veins require other procedures or treatments such as endovascular laser ablation or surgical stripping or removal which are available locally with other providers.

Spider Vein

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