• Laser ablation down to the base of the wart and healthy skin with Erbium:Yag laser.
  • Laser treatment of the blood supply with Nd:Yag laser

The virus that causes warts is resistant to various treatments and can be difficult to eradicate and no treatment can guarantee permanent results. The Nd:Yag laser targets the blood supply of the wart while the Erbium:Yag laser can ablate the wart layer-by-layer until it is (or at least appears to be) gone and healthy skin is reached. These laser treatments are two of many treatment options for warts but laser treatments are not inexpensive.

We recommend you first discuss your various other wart treatment options with your primary care physician and/or dermatologist, to determine which may be best for you and to exhaust all other management options that will actually be covered by your medical insurance as our treatments are not necessarily covered by your insurance or health savings account. We can provide documentation of the treatments performed for you to seek reimbursement if you wish to pursue that.