You can schedule a private injection event (i.e., for Botox®, Juvéderm®, or both) at the office for a group of friends or family, that will allow the host or hostess, and the guests, special discounts; however minimum product purchases or minimum numbers of guests are required for these events.  The hosts and hostesses are welcome to bring or arrange for food and/or beverage refreshments, but certain restrictions apply. Events will more easily scheduled for the late afternoon or evening on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays but may be scheduled at other times, at the discretion of Dr. Jenkins.

General Botox® or Juvéderm® Event Guidelines:

Persons wishing to be responsible as the designated “host” or hostess” for a event or party, will qualify for the same discounts offered to the guests, but will also qualify for additional $10 off their Juvéderm® for each guest that attends or 1 additional unit of complimentary Botox® for every 10 units purchased by the other guests at the party/event. The additional duties of the host or hostess are noted below.

For Botox® events, a minimum number of 6 guests and 1 host or hostess per event is generally required.  Additionally, a minimal number of units of Botox® needs to be purchased for the event: either each guest and host or hostess must agree to purchase a minimal amount of 20 units of Botox® or the total among all the guests and host or hostess must add up to a minimum total of 150 units of Botox®.  Attendance of more than 8 guests (in addition to the host or hostess), needs to be approved by the office in advance.

For Juvéderm® events, a minimum number of 3 guests and 1 host or hostess is usually required.  Additionally, a minimal number of vials of Juvéderm® needs to be purchased for the event: each guest and host or hostess must agree to purchase a minimal amount of 1 vial of Juvéderm® Ultra XC 1ml.  The attendance of more than 5 guests (in addition to the host or hostess), needs to be approved by the office in advance.

All guests will receive their Botox® or Juvéderm® at significantly discounted rates:

-Botox® Cosmetic is offered at $9/unit instead of the usual $12/unit and the usual additional $50 injection fee charged for patients getting less than 30 units at a time, will be waived because there is much less waste of unused product with such events.

-Juvéderm® Ultra XC is offered at $600/1ml vial, instead of the usual $650/1ml vial.

All persons to receive injections must complete a general consultation form and a procedure consent form and should have no contraindications to injection of the product(s) as can be reviewed with the links below. Guests are welcome to schedule free individual consultations at the office prior to the event, in order to have a more personal or private consult or to have more time to consider how much Botox® or Juvéderm® they wish to purchase at the event. Note that the chart below may be helpful in this regards.

Average number of Botox® Units Used for Body Area:

Treatment Area

# of Units

Horizontal Forehead Lines

10 to 24

Glabellar Frown Lines

12.5 to 30

Crows’ Feet Outer Eyes-both (2)

10 to 24

Chin Puckering

5 to 8

Eyebrow Lift

5 to 8

Lip Creases

5 to 8

Neck Bands

10 to 30

The event host or hostess is responsible to schedule the date and time of the event with the office, to contact the guests for initial scheduling and for any necessary reminders in order to guarantee the minimum number of guests attend the event.

The host or hostess is free to provide or make arrangements for food and/or nonalcoholic* beverage refreshments if desired, but the office requests that the use of plastic serving ware be limited in preference for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

*No alcoholic beverages are allowed because consumption may impair “consent” to the procedure(s), make attendees at risk for trauma and/or injury to others (particularly if they are driving to or from the event); and alcohol (even up to 24 hours before the treatment) could cause blood vessel dilation that might result in spread of the Botox® outside the target muscle/area (and thus potentially increase the risk for side effects) or that might result in more bleeding or bruising than otherwise would occur from the treatment. Aspirin is also good to avoid several days before the procedure and perhaps shortly afterwards in order to limit bruising also.

Botox® absolute and relative contraindications and cautions can be reviewed in the Botox® Medication Guide and the Botox® Prescribing Information sheet if you click here.

Juvéderm® contraindications, warnings and cautions can be reviewed in the Juvéderm®  patient guides if you click here and the Juvéderm® Physician Directions for Use sheet if you click here.